3 Clean-Eating Holiday Side Dishes

Go Fit Gals Glazed Carrots

I have never cooked a holiday turkey before. Like, ever. And though I love a good turkey dinner (seriously though, doesn’t everyone?), I’d rather enjoy my mom’s awesome turkey than have to deal with the raw bird myself. I’m being serious. I am, however, always willing to rock a delicious (and healthy) side dish. The right side […]

10-Minute After Workout Stretch Routine


Flexibility Exercises for the Entire Body Perform this stretch routine after your workout to help increase your flexibility, decrease residual muscle soreness the next day, as well as cool you down and stretch out ALL the muscles in your body. directions: hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds tools needed: a mat Do the stretch routine […]

Bad Exercises That You Are Probably Doing


You know the saying “there is no such thing as a stupid question”? Well, that ain’t the truth in the gym. There are plenty of exercises that are just plain stupid and bad. Bad because they cause more injuries than they do benefit and stupid because we keep doing them (remember the definition of insanity? Doing the same […]

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies4

Grab a napkin, because these soft pumpkin cookies are going to make you drool! A good cookie can bring you back to your elementary school days when you’d walk home from school to your mom’s freshly baked cookies and a cup of hot chocolate (which wouldn’t taste right in anything but that 70’s style mug and of course, mini […]

One-Dish Wonder | The Best Stacked Enchiladas Ever!

Stacked Enchiladas11

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My favourite recipes often involve roasted veggies. Or chocolate. But, in the spirit of getting you excited about today’s recipe, let’s stick with roasted veggies. The simplicity and versatility is what makes them budget friendly and mind-blowing all at the same time. dear bank account, you’re welcome. Being a nutritionist and having four hungry […]

40-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout: The Ultimate Workout for Burning Fat


This is THE workout to do when you need to sneak some cardio into your workout week. Our 40-Minute HITT Workout: The Ultimate Workout for Burning Fat is perfect to do while on your holidays, when the kids are in school, when you get home from work, or plug it in when you want to avoid after dinner […]

10 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy Temptations

10 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy Temptations

My husband and I own one of those houses that you hated as a kid on Halloween. Lights out, no candy, no fun scary front yard or haunting noises coming from the garage. We are THE No-Halloween house in our neighborhood. You see, I don’t place a lot of value in Halloween because, well quite […]

5 Ways to Love Meatless Monday

Clean-Eating Veggie Pizza 2

I have 4 hungry guys in my house. One happens to be my husband who is easily out-eaten by my 7 year old twins and my 3 year old, but that’s a whole other blog. In our home we have one vegetarian (that would be me), one meat-a-holic and three carb-a-holics. Add to that the fact that they are […]