40-Minute Bodyweight Blitz Workout

go fit gals 40-min bodyweight workout

Bodyweight workout for women. Do this no-equipment needed workout at home, while vacation, or during your lunch break. 40 minutes to a stronger you! This particular 40-minute bodyweight workout targets all the muscles in your body, with an emphasis on your legs and core. Exactly what all us ladies like to train. All you need […]

When Does Menopause Actually Start?

Go Fit Gals Hot Flash Cafe Podcast Ep 4

Speaker, Author and Health & Wellness Advocate Ellen Dolgen joins us on today’s podcast! Download this episode (right click and save) The thought of menopause for women is either completely terrifying or completely non-existent. Peri-menopause can begin as early as 30 years old – 30 years old!! That’s enough to make us run for cover. Seriously. Being aware of […]

Quick and Simple Clean-Eating Easter Recipe

Go Fit Gals Devilled Eggs Three Ways Recipe

Flaunt your hostess skills with this simple Easter recipe and your guests won’t even believe how simple it was to make! The idea of hosting a holiday meal sounds fun, until you think of the work involved: The extensive menu planning The pressure to outdo yourself, or other friends/family The prep work (oh, the prep work!) The cleaning […]

Strength Training Workout For Women

Strength Training for Women, Middle aged woman, with pink DB

Do women really need a separate training plan then men do? Well, yes and no. Yes, because we have areas that we usually want toned and lifted that men don’t really care about (how many times have you heard a man say that they want a tight booty?), and no because any strength training program, […]

Hormones, Hormones and Hormones

Hormones Hormones Hormones Pt2

You will not want to miss this episode as we pick Dr. Karen McGee’s brain on hormones! Download this episode (right click and save) Even if you are intrigued at the thought of hormone therapy during peri or menopause, the thought of either discussing it with those who disagree or agree, or the thought of doing […]

3 Recipes You Can Eat AFTER 8pm

Go Fit Gals Egg White Salsa Omelet

That evening food dilemma? We’re going to solve it for you. You know that dilemma when you workout late at night and you’re told you need to eat food within 30 minutes of working out or all your hard work is for nothing, but you’re also told you should not eat after 8pm? Let me tell you […]

Surprising Way To Manage Your Stress


It’s the first thing we do when we enter this world and we work hard to ensure that we do it for a long time thereafter. Breathing. It’s an action our bodies do every minute, of every day, without us paying much attention to. It seems simple enough. Inhale, exhale, allow the exchange of oxygen […]