40-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout: The Ultimate Workout for Burning Fat


This is THE workout to do when you need to sneak some cardio into your workout week. Our 40-Minute HITT Workout: The Ultimate Workout for Burning Fat is perfect to do while on your holidays, when the kids are in school, when you get home from work, or plug it in when you want to avoid after dinner […]

10 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy Temptations

10 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Candy Temptations

My husband and I own one of those houses that you hated as a kid on Halloween. Lights out, no candy, no fun scary front yard or haunting noises coming from the garage. We are THE No-Halloween house in our neighborhood. You see, I don’t place a lot of value in Halloween because, well quite […]

5 Ways to Love Meatless Monday

Clean-Eating Veggie Pizza 2

I have 4 hungry guys in my house. One happens to be my husband who is easily out-eaten by my 7 year old twins and my 3 year old, but that’s a whole other blog. In our home we have one vegetarian (that would be me), one meat-a-holic and three carb-a-holics. Add to that the fact that they are […]

10-Minute Crunchless Ab Workout

crunchless abs workout

For Long & Lean Stomach Muscles This 10-minute ab circuit is perfect to do after a workout, while watching your favourite show, or as a way to wake up your core in morning. Each exercise is 50 seconds long, with a 10-second break/transition in between. Perform each exercise, one after the other, until you have […]

The Only 6 Exercises You Really Need

the only 6 exercises you

I love training beginners. They always allow me kick their butts ever so quietly – unlike my regulars, who tell me where to go on a regular basis. But, I heart the regulars too. I adore sarcasm and spunk. But, beginners do hold a special place in my heart. They haven’t heard all my jokes […]

15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes: Part 3

Fish Stew

For the most part, I get along just fine with my slow-cooker. As long as I provide the ingredients, it will turn my efforts into a delicious and healthy meal. We have a very balanced relationship. I wasn’t shy about my love for slow-cookers in Part 1 of our 15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes series, and I […]

15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes: Part 2

Canadian Maple Baked Beans6

At any one time, I can have 3 slow-cookers working simultaneously. You know what this means right? All you personal chef’s out there just lost your jobs. I love to get breakfast, lunch and dinner going the night before so I wake up with no prep for the whole day. It’s like a one day […]

15 BEST Slow-Cooker Recipes: Part 1

Blueberry Almond Oatmeal

Slow-cookers are the best. Period. Granted, they would be far better if they would also prep the food and do the dishes for you … but let’s get real here – they’re the closest thing some of us will ever have to a personal chef. However, nobody wants to pull out the slow-cooker during the summer months. But, […]