12 Tips To Make Exercise a Habit

12 tips to make exercise a habit

How to make exercise a habit – 12 tips and bonus click-thrus to help you out. Habit. It is defined as “a regular tendency or practice, one that is hard to give up”. Things like caffeine, to brushing your teeth, to sitting on the couch and binge watching “House of Cards” are all common habits […]

40-Minute Bodyweight Blitz Workout

go fit gals 40-min bodyweight workout

Bodyweight workout for women. Do this no-equipment needed workout at home, while vacation, or during your lunch break. 40 minutes to a stronger you! This particular 40-minute bodyweight workout targets all the muscles in your body, with an emphasis on your legs and core. Exactly what all us ladies like to train. All you need […]

Strength Training Workout For Women

Strength Training for Women, Middle aged woman, with pink DB

Do women really need a separate training plan then men do? Well, yes and no. Yes, because we have areas that we usually want toned and lifted that men don’t really care about (how many times have you heard a man say that they want a tight booty?), and no because any strength training program, […]

Surprising Way To Manage Your Stress


It’s the first thing we do when we enter this world and we work hard to ensure that we do it for a long time thereafter. Breathing. It’s an action our bodies do every minute, of every day, without us paying much attention to. It seems simple enough. Inhale, exhale, allow the exchange of oxygen […]

Go Fit Gals 10-Minute Morning Routine

10 Min Morning Workout & Routine

Start your day with our 10-minute morning wake-up workout, and join Patreon to get the full week’s worth of workouts! 10-Minute Morning Routine. Okay, we get it. Coffee is king first thing in the morning, so don’t worry we aren’t asking you to skip it. Instead, what we are asking you is postpone it a […]

20-Minute No Excuses Bodyweight HIIT Workout

20 Min No Excuses Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Crush your excuses today! Plus: a chance to get a week’s worth of workouts… 20-Minute NO Excuses Bodyweight HIIT Workout Get fit fast with our 20-Min No Excuses HIIT workout. This is the perfect workout to do if you are: short on time, want to workout in your living room, are on vacation, or just […]